About Us

Hi I'm Luna, welcome to my merch store!

I'm a pop singer and songwriter from Melbourne's underground. For the past few years I have been releasing music to connect with the lost and the broken. My latest album King of Eve is lush electronica with unexpected dark hooks and turns.... 

"For all her shimmering pop hooks and aesthetic beauty, her music bears honesty like an open wound. Stark and revealing, her latest album King Of Eve captures this essence across an array of powerfully moving tracks that find the perfect balance between ferocity and rapture." 

The Store

Ever ordered a t-shirt and not liked the quality? Did you like that boxy, unflattering shape or the rough cotton? Nah, didn't think so. We're a picky with the quality over here! We are partnered with AS Colour to get the highest possible quality for our merch. 

We've got CD's, T-Shirts, Hoodies and more!

If you need more information please head to Contact Us or email lunaofficialbookings@gmail.com